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Taking Stock: May

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Y’all, there is some seriously bad stuff going down in the world, to the point where I feel some survivor’s guilt for being unscathed.  But I’ve been reminding myself that I had some serious bad luck in the past before this, and that it is okay that I’m not living in the same kind of trial and tribulation as others right now; I did my time.  But this also isn’t to say I’m just blithely ignoring it either; rather, it’s a reminder that I’m the one with the privilege right now, and so that means I’m in a position to help others.  I’ve been looking for chances to quietly do that.

All the more reason to take stock of where things are right now.  ….Reminder that this is a habit I’m adopting from the very sweet blog Meet Me At Mike’s, where host Pip Lincolne started this habit of stopping at the end of each month to sort of check up on yourself and see where you were.

Taking Stock

Making: Little notebooks.  I get very easily seduced by pretty paper, and have accumulated a couple pads’ worth of scrapbook paper and I don’t even do scrapbooking.  I’ve gotten determined to do something with it all, and have started turning them into super-simple notebooks; I’m a clumsy and messy crafter, but I can fold things in half and I can staple things.  That’s as complicated as I’ve been getting.

Cooking: Not as much as I’d like.  The nightly dinner shift uses a little more mental energy these days, and I’ve fallen into the “I don’t know what I want for dinner” trap too many times.  Fortunately the CSA fires up again in a couple weeks, and I tend to have a little more gumption on the weekends so I’ll try to renew the batch-cooking-of-soups-and-salads habit I had a couple years back.  See if that helps.

Sipping: A couple things!  Sometime in April I got hooked on the idea of fruit smoothies as a breakfast option, and a week ago I decided to buy a big bunch of fruit and make pre-portioned smoothie freezer packs.  I’ve got about a months’ worth of breakfasts stashed in the freezer as a result; one of those plus some yogurt and a little water, blitzed in a blender, and I’m sorted.

Also, I’m part of a team that’s beta-testing the recipes for a book that a Facebook acquaintance is writing about non-alcoholic cocktails.

Reading: Mostly web browsing, unfortunately. I’m a little bothered by that.

Waiting: for the CSA to reopen, and for the first signs of New York City to open back up again. I’m hoping that the shift towards re-opening some things will take some of the pressure off the parks; I prefer to keep my distance from people in the parks even when it’s normal days, and I’ve been avoiding them recently because it’s just too damn crowded.

Looking: I’ve invested in a few glass crystals and prisms to hang in my windows. The biggest one is in my front window, and in the early morning there are some rainbows getting cast across the couch and the walls in the living room.

Listening: still mostly the radio.  I’ve been pondering trying to listen through the 1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die, but right now a part of my brain has kept that in check by hollering one cultural binge at a time, please, you know how the first one has taken over your life.

Wishing: my nation understood the pain one half has been inflicting on the other half, for centuries.

Appreciating: my job still.

Eating: lots of carbs and bean things.  I’m starting to get into the dregs of the pantry, which is good.

Buying: this month was the home-reno-palooza; picture frames, tension rods for curtains, paint to spruce up a bathroom wall.

Wearing: at home, the loungewear still is long pants. I need to go with shorts at some point, but that will require some lady grooming things I’ve been postponing.

Noticing: I’m trying to find more pockets of green space close by home, since the parks are so full.  There are a couple of pretty corners of the Navy Yard I may try to use now and then.

Sorting: A lot of papers, a lot of craft stuff.  I’m determined to use a good bit of it instead of just hoarding it like Smaug.

Bookmarking: lots of pictures with a celestial/space/star motif.  I’m not sure where that’s come from, but I have been wanting to stargaze lately.

Coveting: a yard.

Hearing: for the last couple nights, we’ve occasionally heard sirens and pops and cracks from the protests in Brooklyn.  …I am not out on the street, but in my heart I am.

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