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Monthly Archives: July 2019

Summer Doldrums

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So hi, I’m tired.  Why I’m tired is a complicated and thorny situation, with a good degree of heat combined with some money hiccups combined with the evening news making me want to hide under the covers. Basically my life has turned into the theme song to Friends (“Your job’s a joke, you’re broke, your love life’s DOA”) only with global warming.

This is fortunately timing itself with my CSA ramping up production, which forces me into the kitchen to deal with a mountain of food.  I have signed up for the “single” person’s share, which still leaves me with 7 pounds of different vegetables every week that ends up all being for me (Alex is a supertaster and partakes of very little of that), plus a couple pounds of fruit and a half dozen eggs every week, and a pound of coffee every other week besides.  And all the food is farm fresh, and that combined with my natural New England “must not waste food” frugality and I have a lot of things that I have to figure out how to use up before it all goes bad.

Fortunately I’ve taught myself how to freeze some vegetables (all the shell peas I got were immediately shelled and stashed in the freezer), so that does make a dent, as well as creating a pantry to fall back on when the harvest is done; my CSA does have a winter share, but it’s less frequent, and relies heavily on root vegetables and there are times in the winter when I’ll be thinking “I need to eat something that’s a color other than beige”.

I’m also thinking in terms of improvising recipes based on what needs using; for instance, a quiche can be a catch-all for random needs-to-be-used-in-a-hurry vegetables, and will also knock out some of the eggs.  I did something similar with an overlog of fruit last year; it was a great way to poke through the various just-about-to-go-bad fruits littering the fridge and the counter, the things that weren’t quite enough to make a pie on their own but too much for me to eat quickly (I also had great fun calling the resulting concoction “Usufruct Pie”).

The best bit of all of this, though – aside from keeping me fed and busy – is that it gets me away from the trash fire that the online world has become, and grounds me in something hands-on.  I have a lot of resources at my hands, and I just need to do something with them.  It keeps me fed, and busy, and also keeps me hopeful.