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The Simple Woman’s Day Book – April

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Hello, it’s a new thing!  I came across this community recently – the Simple Woman’s Daybook  seemed a lovely way to sort of stop a moment, look around and take everything in.  Even if I am only organized to do it once a month.  Because life isn’t only about movies.

Looking out my window:

Right now, it’s sunny – which is astonishing, since first thing this morning there was heavy snow.  In April.  Some of my friends have been quoting Prince all day.

I am thinking:
For the first time in a very long time, I’m feeling optimistic about things.

I am thankful:
That for the first time in a very long time, I’m feeling optimistic about things.

One of my favorite things:
A couple weeks ago I finally got organized enough to frame some of my vacation photos and make a gallery wall near one of my favorite chairs.  And in the place of honor in the middle: the certificate my great-grandmother got from TWA Airlines when she was one of the very first people to book an international flight with them.  Like Nana, like Kim.

I am creating:
So, I’m in an ongoing effort to use up various craft things I’ve acquired over the past few years.  I’ve got a lot – I have a knitter friend who moved and gave me three enormous bags of yarn she didn’t want to pack with her (all of it super-high quality, too!), and another friend who is preparing to move cross-country and is bequeathing me lots of her candlemaking supplies.  So I have been cranking out dishcloths and candles by the score.

I am wearing:
A cuddly fleece tunic that I put on for comfort today, in the snow, and the jeans that I hastily changed into before my new roommate’s sister showed up to help him put furniture together.

I am reading (read) /watching (watched) / listening to:

I just finished reading After Londonthis month’s selection for a quirky book club I belong to here in Brooklyn (we focus on post-apocalyptic fiction as a genre; yeah, it’s a niche).  I’m also consulting a couple guide books for Coastal Maine, doing some initial research for a potential vacation.
* ….Any questions about what I’ve been watching can probably be answered by checking the last couple posts in here, since most of the rest of my blog is about movies.

* I had a dentist visit a few days ago, and they asked me what music I wanted to listen to while the dentist worked.  I went right to my comfort song.

I am hoping:
That the new roommate who’s moving in today is indeed as awesome as I suspect he is.  We got on like a house afire when he came to check the place out and I have a very good feeling about this.  ….If nothing else, I hope I can borrow all his Doctor Who DVDs at will.

I am learning:
…How to get some more balance in my life.

In my kitchen:

I have more food than I thought!  I have mostly been cooking for myself (hi, I’m single and was without a roommate for a month) and got seriously diligent about getting into a weekly meal-planning habit: using the food I had, and stocking things up so I can brown-bag it for lunches during the work week.  But I also really really like to cook.So in my fridge right now, I have:

  • Four servings of a mushroom goulash
  • Five servings of a French-influenced bean and vegetable stew
  • Two servings of a Mexican-influenced lentil stew
  • Two servings of an asparagus soup
  • Two completely different French bean-based salads
  • A Cornish pasty
  • The better part of a roast chicken from yesterday’s dinner
  • Three kinds of homemade ice cream

And that’s not counting the flourless chocolate cake, the tiny coffee-and-walnut cake, and the half-pound of fresh asparagus that is waiting for further use.  Or the recipe for salted-chocolate-coffee-brownie-cookies that I immediately resolved I am going to make some time this week.

Post Script:
My dear friend Colin is a photographer preparing to embark on a whole new adventure in Colorado.  I will miss him and his partner Niki terribly, but he’s got an ambitious future waiting for him there.

Shared Quote:
“Life is better than death, I believe, if only because it is less boring and because it has fresh peaches in it.”  – Alice Walker

A moment from my day:

The aforementioned certificate from Nana.


Closing Notes:

New kid on the Simple Woman’s Daybook block; hi.  I’m Kim, I live in Brooklyn, NY, and most of the rest of my blog has been chronicling my efforts to watch through all of the movies in the 1001 Movies To See Before You Die books.