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Failure To Communicate

So there is a big DDOS affecting half the country today.  All the news coverage is talking about how it’s bringing down things like Twitter and Spotify, and a lot of people are cracking jokes about “ha ha, I guess I have to finally do some work.”

Where I am, though, it is affecting the cloud-based system we use to do work.  And even worse – it’s only affecting some of us in little clusters in turn.  So time to time, like right now, if you walked in you’d see my co-workers busily typing away, and then me, sitting in a corner staring at my computer like a doof because I can’t do anything.


*scuffs feet*

Uh, so what are you all up to?



So, uh. I was going to keep up with this blog last week (and it would have been great because I was in Yosemite National Park), but life intervened.

And by “life” I mean “some jackass smashing in the window of my rental car while I was parked outside a McDonald’s and stealing all my luggage”.

The story is still sort of unfolding. I am back safe in New York and the scheduled trip has ended, but there are some things that were found that I’m trying to recover and some things that are officially gone that I’m still replacing and in conclusion may the people who stole my stuff eat a bag of poo.

More later.

Because There Are People Starving….

So I’ve been thinking I need to get organized cooking-wise.

I have an entire bookshelf entirely devoted to cookbooks.  I belong to a very active CSA, and just brought home 2 pounds each of carrots, beets, potatoes and onions – among other things – in my latest box today.  I am skilled in the kitchen, I have a full batterie de cuisine, and I just came back from Paris where I became the proud owner of an actual pair of herb scissors.

And yet when it comes to mealtime, when I get home from work and am hungry and looking at everything, my brain goes into total vapor lock and I don’t know what to do.  And that doesn’t make any sense at all.

It’s the kind of thing I really, really think I need to do.  Especially since “use your kitchen more for God’s sake” is one of my New Year’s Resolutions, along with “use some of the shit you have”.  This weekend is going to be devoted to a bit of pantry-clearing and kitchen work, since my roommate is going to be safely out of the apartment for the bulk of each day and since I’m going to be going on yet more cookware splurging as a result of a gift card for Christmas.  Surely, if I make a bunch of stocks and grate up some carrots and roast and dice some beets or something, I’ll be able to throw things together without thinking at night, right?

We’ll see about that.