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America, God-Damn

Back in October, I posted a response to the crisis in Ferguson, Missouri, following the murder of Michael Brown.  And not two days later, New York City absolved a police officer for the similar murder of Eric Garner.  I was so floored that I couldn’t even form a new thought – I simply linked to my previous post, with a title that nodded to the great Nina Simone song “Mississippi God-Damn.”

And then in June, when a group of teenagers were attacked by police at a pool party in Texas, I linked to it again, making the wry joke that at this rate, I should maybe just always link back to my Ferguson post, and keep a running tally of each new incident.

And not two days later, another group of kids was attacked by police.  And then not two days after that, a white supremacist shot up a church.

So here is the running tally:

Ferguson, Missouri, God-damn.

New York City, God-damn.

McKinney, Texas, God-damn.

Fairfield, Ohio, God-damn.

Charleston, South Carolina, God-damn.

Memphis, Tennessee, God-damn.

Richmond, Virginia, God-damn.

6/18/2015: Charlotte, North Carolina, God-damn.

6/28/2015: Macon, Georgia, God-damn.

Warrenville, South Carolina, God-damn.

6/30/2015: Greeleyville, South Carolina, God-damn.

7/7/2016: Baton Rouge, Louisiana, God-damn.

7/7/2016: Floral Heights, Minnesota, God-damn.

7/8/2016: Fresno, California, God-damn.

7/8/2016: Kansas City, God-damn.

7/9/2016: New York City, God-damn.

It is absolutely obscene that I feel like I have to do this.

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