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Movie Crash Course: An Update To The Syllabus…

So remember when I just said two days ago that my movie list was ending with Grand Budapest Hotel?

Hah.  Nope.  That was the last film on the list as of the 2015 edition of the Movies To See Before You Die books.  And – as I was sort of expecting – there has indeed been another edition since then, that just came out in October.  And since I am a completist, I have added the latest new entries from the 2017 edition to my list.

….All twenty of them.

Fortunately, one of the last films is the lovely Moonlight, which does indeed have a Binging With Babish recipe – the pollo ala plancha, which the main character’s best friend makes up for him during a reunion (the Binging with Babish clip below features the scene in its opening).

It’s a lovely scene, actually, and it was a delicious-sounding recipe. And there was something beautiful in the film about how the lead’s friend lovingly takes time over the meal’s preparation – he’s working as a short-order cook, but he takes the time to carefully plate everything, placing everything just so, before serving it.  The scene is supposed to acknowledge the intimacy simmering at the heart of their relationship, and illustrate one of the few sources of genuine love the lead character has ever known.

It’s a lovely scene, and even though it means that I have 20  more movies to watch now, I’m secretly a little glad that this dish has supplanted the courtesan au chocolat as the swan song.



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