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August Break 2017

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I’ve only come upon a couple of blog challenges that I’ve wanted to do; this one I did last year was especially fun.

The blogger Susannah Conway started it as a “break” from trying to write blog posts every day; she decided she was just going to take pictures instead.  And people jumped on that like whoa.  Fast forward a few years – and I didn’t even know who Susannah Conway was, but this “August Break” thing sounded interesting and there I was.  The idea is simply that you take a picture every day and that’s it.

I actually did a lot more photography as a hobby some years back and have been wanting to get back into it; this would be the perfect excuse (along with my finally biting the bullet and signing up for Instagram).


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  1. I’ve taken this challenge in the past and I’ve always enjoyed it and found it insightful and interesting to see the other posts. I debated about joining in this coming August but I think I will (I hesitated because I’m not taking photos as often as I used to) – but I’ll join and I don’t put any pressure on myself to post every day. It’s so funny how some people are so dismayed and apologetic if they miss a day. We often put such pressure on ourselves. Happy August to you – we are having a very nice summer in Minnesota, but I’m not really a summer person. But I hope you are having a good summer.


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