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Movie Crash Course – Intermission

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So I suppose it had to happen sooner or later – I’ve found a dud movie.

Next up has been Fritz Lang’s first film, a two-part serial – and I’m sorry, y’all.  I have been trying to watch this thing for about two weeks now, and I keep getting about a half hour into it before I literally start falling asleep.  Which is crazy because it’s a very similar plot to Les Vampires, which was even longer – but where Les Vampires managed to keep all the myriad hijinks together and be all fun, with this, all the myriad elements just are confusing and feel irrelevant and it’s just dragging.

It looks great, to be fair. There are well-framed shots and there’s a hell of a cool-looking casino some of the characters go to at one point. But….I honestly am not caring about anything that happens in this film.

I’m almost done with the second movie in this two-part set, though, so hopefully this weekend.


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