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Movie Crash Course, Field Trip: Oscars 2017

So! I got rid of my cable subscription a whie ago, which has only been an issue when I want to see big “event” type of TV like the Oscars.  Fortunately, there are a number of bars in the city that are showing it, so I’ve come out on the town.  I’m at a place in Williamsburg that caters to a film crowd (at least, I assume so from the conversations around me and from the people subtly checking their phones and lingering over shots of Ryan Gosling), so the crowd reactions could be entertaining as well.

8:30 – okay – red carpet stpudiness over.  And Justin Timberlake is getting his performance out of the way early, hooray!

…Okay, that wasn’t nice, sorry Justin. (Every time I start to eye-roll over how a song from a movie about Trolls got a best-song nomination, I remind myself that “Happy” was from one of the Despicable Me movies.)

8:35 – So far, as a host, Jimmy Kimmel is coming across as a slightly more family friendly Jon Stewart.

8:38 – the bar is LOVING the routine here.  Good on you, Jimmy.

8:46 – the bar just audibly  said “aww…” when they featured Robin Williams in a clip montage.

8:48 – aw, Dev Patel brought his mom!

8:49 – the bar just erupted in screams at Mahareshala Ali’s win.

8:58 – yeah, this is definitely a movie crowd, someone at the bar just had an impassioned reaction to the Best Makeup winner.

9:01 – brief revolt in the bar – the DVR has started losing its mind and randomly switching over to Big Bang Theory.  Someone has been dispatched to fix things.

9:11 – it’s just hit me. Every single one of the Best Documentary nominations have been about a facet of race relations in America.

9:16 – YAY MOANA SONG!!!!  …Auli’i Cravalho at age 17 has more poise in her little finger than I have in my entire body at 47.

9:26 – it was gloriously silly, but dang if I don’t now want to be in a room where Junior Mints are being parachute-dropped over a crowd.

9:27 – Okay, a presenter just misprounced the name “Siobhan”, the Hiberniophile in me is mad.

9:44 – Viola Davis as Best Supporting Actress is only wrong in the sense that she shold have been put up for best Actress, period.  She was phenomenal.

9:46 – and she is giving one HELL of an acceptance speech.

9:56 – Charlize Theron in a pre-taped piece gushing about Shirley MacLaine. Then giving way to Charlize and Shirley in person.  The entire bar just went “awwwwww!”

9:58 – I have really found a cinephile crowd.  They just had an impassioned reaction to the Best Foreign Language winner and I haven’t heard of any of them.  I gotta come here more often.

10:08 – and in the “no surprise” category, a Pixar film wins for Best Animated Short.

10:11 – okay, it’s okay that Moana didn’t win Best Animated Feature, Lin-Manuel Miranda can still win the Best Song.

10:13 – Dear Hollywood – please don’t keep trying to get me to see any of the Fifty Shades films, I really don’t want to.  Thanks.

10:20 – Okay, the whole thing with the tour group visiting the Oscars was a cute idea, but it’s running kind of long…

10:29 – I am sitting in a corner, and the people on either side of me are each here singly. She has been chatting with me through the night, and then he just leaned over and asked us both a question about the Meryl Streep joke.  She’s now chatting more so with him, and it’s actually kind of cute.

10:35 – I love that Lin-Manuel Miranda is so tickled by the Hamilton shout-out.

10:43 – my neighbors are asking “how many more awards do they have to give out??”

10:52 – John Cho and Leslie Mann are kind of adorable with the Sci-Tech award section.

…I’m seeing three people outside the bar watching through the window; it is kind of crowded in here.

11:06 – I am going to confess right now that if Lin-Manuel Miranda does not win Best Song I may very well teleport myself to the Dolby Theater through sheer will and pull a Kanye West upstaging moment at the podium.

11:10 – I am starting to get a little concerned about how much sleep I’m going to get tonight.

11:13 – okay we’re with best score eeep
this probably means that Best Song is next and Lin-Manuel Miranda must have the mother of all nervous knots in his stomach.  Jimmy Kimmel just tried to do a bit with him and this is the first time I’ve ever seen Lin not able to think of anything ot say.


11:20 – The In Memoriam section is gonna be long. Someone here in the bar just held up a copy of Wishful Drinking in tribute.

11:24 – Carrie Fisher. Drowned in moonlight, strangled by her own bra, and getting the ultimate nod in the Oscar tribute of 2017.

11:31 – We’ve gotten to the sexier awards, the crowd in the bar is starting to get more vocal.  …Manchester By The Sea for best screenplay just got a big cheer.

…Personally – watching that movie in a small-town theater in Cape Cod is seriously meta.

11:34 – Oh good, Barry Jenkins won for Moonlight‘s screenplay.

11:39 – okay, this is running so long that my computer battery is starting to die…

11:42 – wow, we have gotten a lot of good films this year.  Just listened to the Best Director nominees and realized that.

I think we’re nearly there – we just have Best Actor & Actress, and Best Movie.

11:47 – I kind of like the clip montage introducing each of the acting awards.  It’s been like a greatest-hits of moments from other Oscars.

Here is where my battery died.  And so I missed liveblogging the following occurrences:

  • Casey Affleck winning Best Actor, and the bear hug Ben gave him before he went onstage.
  • Emma Roberts winning Best Actress for La La Land.
  • Faye Dunaway and Warren Beatty first announcing La La Land won Best Picture, and the producers getting halfway through their speeches….before someone came running out and announcing that they’d read the wrong card, and that Moonlight actually won.
  • Social Media TOTALLY BLOWING UP over that.

….I need to sleep on this, it was far too weird.  Good night.


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