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Movie Crash Course

So, it’s like this.

I like movies, but I have not had a good habit of seeing them.  When I was growing up I didn’t have access to video stores or second-run movie houses, and when I got here to New York I had a decade where I was stuck in rehearsal halls myself.  And so there is an embarrassingly long list of movies – both classics and modern – that if you mention them, I would hesitate and stammer that “actually, uh, I haven’t seen that.”

And then today I had a flat-out awful day, and instead of zoning out online when I got home, something made me call up The Sting on Netflix.  Within about twenty minutes I had forgotten all about the people who’d yelled at me at work and the subway battles I’d faced and was sucked into 1936 Chicago.  And I felt so much better.

So. In the interest of a) finding a much more productive thing to do with my down time, and b) educating myself a little more about film in general, I’m embarking on a quest.

I found an online list of essential movies, and I’ve just spent two hours filling up my Netflix queue.  (I didn’t know Netflix had an upper limit!)  I will watch them all in order (or, as close to order as Netflix will let me get).  Even if I am already reasonably sure I’m going to hate it – I’m not a big Western fan, but I’m still gonna sit through The Good, The Bad and the Ugly, for instance – if it’s on the list, I’mma watch it.  Even if I know for absolutely sure I’m gonna hate it (I’m looking at you, NIghtmare on Elm Street) I’ll watch it.  I’m even going to watch the one movie I swore up and down I would never watch – Un Chien Andolou  (but I still reserve the right to watch that bit with the eyeball through my fingers because seriously). 

This is going to take me a couple years, though. This could be interesting.


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