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So I am at my local bar, a computer in front of me, a cranberry margarita to my left, and I am braced for impact.  This is the first time I’ve ever tried liveblogging anything, and for part of this I will be drunk, so let’s see how this goes.

I’ll just keep editing this post as the night goes on. Check back.

8:45: A bit ominous that the debate commission officials need to address the crowd and remind them to avoid cheering, booing, “or anything else you may be planning”.

8:50: I don’t know if anyone else is watching these preliminary speeches from the Debate commission – it’s a lot of housekeeping announcements to the audience, explanations about logistical stuff. But there are a lot of salutes to the sound and tech crews, which is making this former techie very happy.

8:53:  Oh, they’re also intrudcing the student union president at Washington University, this is so adorable!

8:54: Oh, wow, the student union president is making a really eloquent address on behalf of democracy in general, referring to his home country of Singapore as a cautionary tale. Yow.

8:56: Did not know that Trump’s children were joining Melania.  Bill Clinton very graciously shook hands wiht all four.

8:58: Hah – CNN is referring to Trump’s leak of inviting some of the 90’s Clinton scandal women as “the Trump stunt”.

9:00:  Wait. It’s supposed to be “Undecided” voters asking the questions. Did they vet everyone right before to make sure anyone was still undecided?  The debate commission may be in for some surprises.

9:02: Everyone is still sitting grimly. I feel like its that scene towards the end of Moonstruck when everyone is sitting silently in the kitchen and the grandfather finally looks at how grim they are and says, “sheesh, somebody tell a joke.”

9:04: I don’t know why I’m so tense. It’s not like Trump is about to ride out on a nuclear-powered chariot or anything.

9:05: They just introduced the candidates and everyone in the bar went TOTALLY silent.

9:06 ooh, Hillary’s answer to the first question (do you feel you’re modelling appropriate behavior for today’s youth?) is a really subtle way to get a dig in on Trump.

9:08: Trump: “Well, I agree with everything Hillary just said.”

Person to my right at the bar: “Woowwww. Really?”

9:10: Thank you, Anderson Cooper, for tackling Trump on the tapes.

Everyone in the bar just jeered when Trump wrote it off as “Locker Room talk.”And again when Trump spun it around to talking about ISIS.

And thank you Anderson Cooper for sticking it to the point again.  The crowd in the bar is openly jeering.

9:13: The entire bar went silent again when Hillary got up to speak on the Tapes.

9:14: Hillary: “I have seen many Republican Candidates…I may have disagreed with them, but I never doubted their fitness to serve.  Donald Trump…is not fit to serve.”  DAMN STRAIGHT, girlfriend.

9:15 When Trump began his rebuttal with “it’s just words, folks…” I thought he was going to go a really different place.

9:17: Question asked on air – “Mr. Trump, you said that the campaign changed you. When did that happen?”


9:18: The entire bar booed when Trump brought up Bill.

9:20: Hillary: “Just like my friend Michelle Obama said – when they go low, I go high.”  She’s avoiding responding to Trump, and is bringing up all the other stuff that preceeded the tape.

And Trump is basically pulling the “I know you are but what am I” gambit.  And hey, is it me, or does Trump give the name of any Jewish person a really weird stress?

9:22: Guy to my right at the bar, a voice of disgust – “Oh, man, I can’t even….” (gets up and leaves)

9:27: Trump is sounding more and more the way he does like when he’s at his rallies.

9:28: Clinton: “….Okay, Donald, I know that you’re in to big diversions tonight….” Heh.

9:31: Trump just let Clinton go first on a question about Obamac are “because I’m a gentleman.” She just rolled her eyes, and then took the opportunity to remind people what does work about Obamacare. He doesn’t even realize she set the bar high and that he’s going to fall on his face.

9:33: Okay – any Canadians out there want to weigh in on whether you actually are all coming to the US for operations, the way Trump claims?…that’s news to me.  (possibly because it’s not true, I’d wager)

9:36: Anderson Cooper just asked Trump to clarify how he’d have insurers cover people with pre-existing conditions.
Trump: “Well, I tell you, we’re gonna have plans…”
Anderson: “But what are those plans?”

9:38: Trump just got a question from a Muslim woman about Islamophobia.  Trump’s the first to answer. Hillary is leaning on her podium all nonchalant-like – I know she’s about to bust something out.

9:39: The nonchalant leaning is now joined by a steely death glare.  Hillary has gotten up to speak, and someone in the bar just muttered “whoa-oh….”

9:40: Hillary is now speaking about Islamophobia and Trump cannot even look at her.

9:42: Thank you moderators for calling bullshit on Trump’s rambling!

9:45: The guy to my right just told me a story about meeting a Muslim man who supported Trump.  “It was weird.”

9:46:  Oh God, Trump is starting to sass back the moderators – I have a feeling we’re seeing the spin on the debate hatching itself right now.

9:49: Ooh, Clinton just turned a question about Wikileaks into a spin against Putin. HILLARY DON’T DO THAT, this kind of shade is not a good look for you

9:52:  Isn’t “The Old Post Office”, the property that Trump is bragging about how he was trusted to run, the same property that is embroiled in a lawsuit with Trump because he isn’t letting a restaurateur break a lease?

9:54: Trump: “I’m lowering taxes for corporations…”  …But what about cutting them for people?  And why did you mention corporations first?

9:58: Anderson Cooper is giving people a refresher course on the Trump tax issue and I think I kind of love him right now.

10:00: Trump: “If you were opposed to [blah blah blah] why didn’t you do something about it?”
Clinton: “….Because I was a senator under a Republican president.”

10:06: Trump just spoke about how our nuclear program is much weaker in comparison to Russia’s.  The 15-year-old in me who lived through the 1980s Cold War just had a chill go down her spine.

10:09: Martha: “Your running mate Pence said something different about Aleppo, what is your stance?”
Trump: “I think he’s wrong.”

10:10: The moderator is now flat-out arguing with him, and Hillary is just sitting there.

10:15: Question: “Do you, Mr. Trump, believe you can be a devoted president for all the people?”
Spectator in bar: “There you go!”

10:18: Okay, this is fair, Anderson is calling her on the “deplorable” comments.
Hillary: Yeah, that was wrong – “because my argument is not with his followers, it’s with him.” She answered the question AND throwed shade!

10:21: Anderson: “In your last book, you said that leaders had discipline. After your first debate, you were tweeting about a woman’s sex tape at 3 am. Was that an example of discipline?”
Trump: “I never said ‘sex tape’…..”

10:22: Anderson: “Ms. Clinton, does Trump have the discipline to be a good leader?”
Clinton: “….No.”

10:25:  Because Trump keeps talking about Sidney Blumenthal:  He was a Bill Clinton-era staffer, who was accused of covering up the Lewinsky incident and was a witness at Ken Starr’s trial.

10:29: The entire bar has started applauding this guy “Ken” who stood to ask the final question, about energy policy

10:30: Trump: (blather)
Clinton: “….Well, that was very interesting….”

.10:34: Last question: “Can either of you name one thing you respect about each other?”
Clinton: “Well, I respect his children.”

10:36: Trump: “Well, she doens’t quit, and she doesn’t give up.”

10:37: And that’s it! They shook hands at the end, I missed that they didn’t shake hands at the beginning.
Guy to my right: “He got murdered, right?  Write that down. He got murdered.”

10:50: One last parting comment from Guy To My Right: “He can’t win.  He can’t. If he wins, I’d move to Cuba.”


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  1. This is delicious and thank you for doing it.


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