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August Break 31 – August was…


Oh God look at this lemon verbena; it’s a hot mess.

It got way overgrown over August – the heat sending it spinning out of control, sprawling everywhere all shaggy and droopy.  Only just a month and a half ago this was about one-fifth the size, purchased at the side of the road somewhere upstate; but sitting in my bedroom window all summer made it grow completely wild.

And the latter end of August really kind of got out of control too; or at least I got lax. I let some of the entries in this slip, I made stupid mistakes at work, I did a lot of coming home from work and collapsing.  The heat was a big part of it – it’s hard to try to motivate yourself to exercise control when it’s actually a tropical climate during the day, when you’re not expecting it – but it can’t have been all about that.

I tend to wait way too long to prune my herbs, mostly because I always feel like I should have something in mind to do with the cuttings. I should be baking or cooking something, making something out of them.  But I can’t cook fast enough to use the backog I get mired in. But not exercising some kind of control just makes it look all sprawly and weird like this, and it’s also not that great or the plant.

I grew a lot this month too.  Doing the August Break got me writing in this blog way more, and that was a needed kick in the pants.  But coming home and collapsing for the last few days let that effort start fizzling, and I need to take some kind of control back and keep that end of things growing.

I’m finally about to head to Yosemite tomorrow (the same trip I packed for a couple weeks ago) and am looking forward to a solid week alone – doing exactly what I want, waking up when I choose, and for much of the week, seeing absolutely no other person.  I’ll have my computer and camera with me, and will try to keep up with blogging – to keep the momentum going, think about what new growth and new branches I want to keep growing, and think if there’s anything I need to cut away.


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