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August Break Not Broken!

Y’all – don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten the August Break.  I just tend to take the pictures when I get home from work, but for the past few days we have been enduring a heat wave and the accompanying humidity which has been serving to turn New York into a tropical city.  Basically it’s like living in New Orleans, without the same high calibre for gumbo.

Which means that I’ve been sleeping like crap and which therefore means that I have little brainpower and basically am just going home and queueing up Stranger Things on Netflix and then trying to sleep some.  Fortunately we had a break in the heat last night, and so I’ll try to catch up a bit tonight.  Because i have a doozy of a story for tomorrow’s prompt (“Five Years Ago”).


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  1. I’m doing the August Break challenge too but August isn’t really my favorite month (although in Minnesota you would think I prefer it to winter but I don’t). I also just got busy with dealing with some basic life issues (car repair – routine, deciding to remodel/paint, getting busy at work, new IPhone to figure out, etc) but I’m not pressuring myself to do it every day. But I will catch up as the spirit takes me. For the last two years I took many, many great nature photos but it was after my Mom died (age 93) and it was sort of cathartic for me – now I feel a sense of taking a break from that a little bit and focusing on some other things. But I’m enjoying the posts I see and the stories people are telling all over the world and I enjoy your posts. Take care and keep cool!


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