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August Break 15 and 17

Okay so it is just too hot, y’all, I am not going to say much about these and that’s that.


The challenge for August 15 was to take a photo on the theme “unicorn”.  I have not been in a unicorn phase since I was nine years old.

Which is all the more puzzling why I found this inside an old box of trinkets I finally got around to clearing out recently. Since I am…well past the age of nine, I have no idea where it came from, or why I still had it.

…Can’t bring myself to throw it away, for some reason.

But this also speaks to how my housekeeping skills (which were never quite what I think my mother would hope they were) have kind of gone to pot.  Which feeds nicely into the “bedroom window” photo –


That is my lemon verbena, already noticeably bigger than it was in the photo I took only two weeks ago.  And that, hanging above it, is an old sarong I had and put up as a curtain in a pathetic effort to block some of the sunlight and heat from an oppressive heat wave.  My blinds fell down recently, and I’ve been using that as a stopgap until I can get a drill somewhere to put up new ones (in fact, you can see the box with the new blinds waiting patiently over to the right).

…I’ve not really been firing on all cylinders for the past couple days.


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  1. Great photos. I like the blue sarong!

  2. Great! Glad to know I’m not the only one who takes her time to get things done around the house! I love the blue sarong and, if I didn’t wear it, would probably leave it!


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