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When One Blog Challenge Leads You To Another

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I have a bit of down time at work (mirable dictu!) while I’m waiting for some higher-ups to sort out a problem. And since I’m one of a cast of….well, dozens who are doing the August Break challenge, I poked into a couple of other peoples’ blogs.

And found another challenge.

Over in Scotland, Penny at The Handmade Heart has her own blogging challenge – the Cookery Calendar. The idea is that at the beginning of each month, you pick one of your cookbooks, and over the course of the month you try out two new recipes from it that you haven’t tried before.  Then, the first week of the next month, you report back.

Penny says she is doing this to jazz up her family meal times; I usually am only cooking for me.  But this is still pretty much perfect for me to do for a number of reasons:

  1. I have an absolutely stupidly huge number of cookbooks (I’ll post a picture when I’m at home later, you’ve gotta see this) but only fall back on about three or four recipes per cookbook.
  2. This is about the time of year when the CSA I belong to is going to be cranking into overdrive and I’ll need to be doing something with the onslaught of vegetable matter that is about to descend upon the house.
  3. I need to expand my brown-bagging-lunch repetoire.
  4. My roommate is a food historian who’s just started her own blog as well, and who knows, maybe I’ll be a footnote in a future research project.

So. For the cookbook to kick off with, I’m gonna go with an old standby – Sundays at Moosewood, an international-cuisine themed book from the Moosewood collective.  I’ve actually gotten more use out of this one than most; I’ve had a copy since my very first post-college apartment, back in the summer of 1992, and just recently had to buy a replacement copy because the old one completely fell apart on me.  And yet there are still recipes from it I haven’t tried yet.  The game is on.



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  1. What a great challenge! I won’t jump in on this one but looking forward to your posts.

  2. Sounds like a fun challenge!! I am a horrible cook though.

  3. Hello! Lovely to meet you and thank you so much for joining my Cookery Calendar Challenge! I am lookimg forward to reading about your cookery adventures. X


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