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August Break 2016 – Morning Light

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August is gonna be a long month for me.  I’m still in the midst of a Paris hangover – both emotional and financial – and my next break isn’t going to be until mid-September.  And just to make things even more fun, two of my co-workers are going to be taking all of their vacations in August and so I’ll be doing a lot of their work covering for them.


But it’s still summer and there are still things I can enjoy if I make myself look for them.  And that’s why I signed up for the August Break  challenge- the blogger Susannah Conway challenges people to just take one picture each day through the whole month of August.  Photography as a hobby is something I’ve been meaning to get back into anyway, so…I’m in.

The suggestion for today was “morning light” – and currently, morning light is exactly what wakes me up, since the blinds on one of my bedroom windows fell down a couple days ago and I haven’t had the means to fix them yet.  However – that window also does make a good home for my lemon verbena, which is growing like mad (I bought that only two months ago and it was about a third the size you see it now).


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