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I was absolutely not expecting to want to do this, but – I seriously may be making a return to Paris.  In two months.

I have always tried to never visit the same place twice.  There’s just too much world, and too little time for me to see it, for me to go back to re-visit a place I’ve already been to.  Usually there has to be a very compelling reason – I’m being given the ticket, I’m bringing someone, or I’m visiting someone.

BUT – I’d had plans to visit Yosemite this July, which fell through; I waited way too long to try to find a place to stay, and everything is totally booked up unless I want to stay in a Motel 6 an hour and a half from the park entrance.  Fortunately, I hadn’t bought a plane ticket yet, so I decided to postpone that trip until September, when I’ll have a prayer of a place to stay.

But I’d already put a bid in for the time off in July.  So now I was left with a bunch of days off smack dab in the middle of July, and I needed to do something with them.

And that’s when a whole series of very interesting things happened one day after the other.

  1. When I was last in Paris, I ended up going on a spontaneous dinner date on New Year’s Eve with a food journalist who lived near the Bastille; we split a bottle of the house red, I practiced my French, and then we went back to…his place, where we split a bottle of Sauternes and fromage and talked about The Pogues (don’t even ask how that came up, I couldn’t even tell you) before we parted ways before midnight – he to a friends’ place, me to this cocktail bar.  We’ve emailed now and then since, and about a week ago, he hailed me again.
  2. A day after that, I started thinking heck, let’s just see what the flights to Paris would be in July…and discovered that there are some very, very good prices right now.
  3. And a day after that….I realized that those days in July fell right around Bastille Day.

But I couldn’t go back, I thought at first.  I was just there…didn’t I want to go somewhere else?   I’ve never been to Amsterdam, maybe there?  Or Spain?  Or Brussels, like my roommate suggested?  Hell, I could stay on this continent, why not.  It’d be cheaper, right?

Well.  I spent maybe two days trying to talk myself out of it, but also flipping back through all the guide books, and realizing that y’know, there’s still a lot of Paris I hadn’t seen after all…like Versailles, I’d never been out there, and that would be an ironic counterpoint to Bastille Day celebrations….and say, my friend in Ireland had wanted to drop in during my last trip, maybe we could try again, especially since her birthday was around then…and….

….so, I think I’m going to Paris again.


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