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The Zeal Of The Young

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For part of my bus to work, I’m usually on the same bus with a big gaggle of students from a nearby junior high.  I haven’t tried talking to them, but I’ve gotten to know them a little from exposure – their energy, their conversations, their sasses back and forth through the bus full of in-jokes.  Like any tweens, they’re all full of passion and a crusading, make-the-world-better spirit – but also, like any tweens, they’re a little thin on context.

This morning, as we were passing a wall on our regular route, one of the girls stopped mid-sentence when she saw some wheat-pasted posters  covering it.  “That’s it,” she announced.  “I’m gonna tear that wall down.”

“Whuh?” said a kid towards the back.

“I’m gonna tear that wall down.”

“Whuh? How come?”

“It’s got Trump posters on it.”

The boy turned to look, then snickered.  “….It’s calling him a pendejo.”


“….Don’t you know what pendejo means?”

“What?”  The boy told her something quietly, and she blinked.  “….Oh.”  And she quietly sat down.



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