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My urge to DIY has been snowballing.

I have already been working at knitting a throw blanket for my bedroom, and have also added a cushion cover to the mix.  I’m probably going to hack some kind of valance out of red bandannas, pretty much just by using clothespins to rig them over the blind frame.  I’ve also set aside a couple of flat sheets and a pillowcase that I’m going to try playing around with dye and a shibori tie-dye technique.

And then a couple weeks ago I suddenly got hit with the urge to start dressing a little more like Stevie Nicks – seriously, the whole swirly-skirts, lacey-shawls hippie 70s thing.  I poked my nose into eBay looking at what they had for lace shawls, but then realized – hey, I have a crapton of laceweight yarn and I know how to knit.  And so now I am looking at patterns to knit myself a lace shawl. I especially am on the lookout for something that will use this gorgeous hot-pink-and-deep-blue yarn – I just got a peasanty top at a thrift store in that hot pink, and am thinking it’s just what I need to throw over my shoulders when I wear it with jeans.

And I also spent part of an afternoon last weekend browsing in a junk shop in Williamsburg, just to see what they had – I’d been in once before just to look, and walked out with a genuine donabe pot they had balanced on top of an old foot locker and were selling for only twenty bucks.  This time I was looking more at all the silver and glassware, thinking of ways I could put them in my window to catch the light.  But I put that off to later.

And then I got home and on a whim, I dug out a lot of craft stuff from when I was in a papercrafts phase in the early 2000’s; scraps of fancy rice paper, cardstock, stamps.  I browsed scrapbook sites to see if I could finally do something with a backlog of travel photos I’ve been piling up, and am seriously considering a voyage to a Michaels’ in town.

…this kind of energy and frivolity is something I just plain haven’t had or wanted to do in about ten years.   I’m thinking this is a very good thing.


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