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Conversation With My Roommate, March 19th, about 10 pm

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(My current roommate is in New York doing a post-doctoral study. English is not her first language, so she sometimes asks me to proofread cover letters or research grant proposals as a native-speaker.)

K:  Okay, I just finished this one.

R: Thanks!  How was it?

K: Nothing major, really I only had one or two comments on tenses and a couple of random words here and there.

R: Words? Like how?

K: Well….okay, you know how you talk about how something “peeks” at some point?  ….You actually used the wrong one; it should have been “peaks”.

R: (gasps) Oh, God, where did I do that?….(scans file)  ….Oh, there.  Oh, God.  Yeah, you’re right.

K: Don’t worry about it!  That’s actually pretty common….

R: Yeah, but still.

K: (shrugging) Hey, English is weird, yo.


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