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Cooking My Feelings

I was supposed to be camping right now.  There’s a campground right here in Brooklyn, even, down at Floyd Bennett Field – an old abandoned airfield that’s been taken over by the parks department for a catch-all of outdoor recreation.  The gentleman-companion of the moment is an avid outdoorsman and wanted to come too.

But then sometime Friday night, the news forecasted rain, and lots of it – 70% chance on Saturday, right when we were to be setting up our tent, and 80% chance today.  I sent the guy a quick and cheerful message that “it may rain, but I’m not put off by that, don’t worry!” Only to find out from him that, actually, I should be worried – “you really don’t want to camp in the rain, trust me.”  And after some debate, he insisted we cancel.  And so I did.

And all that happened was a couple thundershowers yesterday evening and some clouds today.  And the dude even started feeling under the weather and backed out of the dinner out we’d planned instead.

Well, phooey.

Fortunately, though, it’s also one of the first comfortable days we’ve had in a while, and I was planning on a big cooking-and-food-prep day anyway when we got back from the campground; this just gave me a chance to do even more.  And the extra time coming from him cancelling let me prowl my cookbooks and add even more things to my list, and so today is ultimately going to be quite busy, and also delicious.  I will be:

  • Blanching and freezing the kernels from about 6 ears of corn
  • Turning a couple pounds of tomatoes into sauce
  • Making peach preserves from a pound of fruit going towards being overripe
  • Making a plum cake with some more fruit I got last week
  • Making batch of winemaker’s cake and a batch of sorbet with some Concord grapes I got yesterday
  • Digging a package of puff pastry dough out of the freezer and some half-eaten jars of jam from the fridge and turning them both into turnovers that will live in the freezer until I’m ready for them
  • Making a batch of the Moosewood recipe for cheese pasties like I’ve done every fall since about 1997 (except I use parsnip instead of turnip because turnip gives me indigestion and so what anyway)
  • Making a big breakfast of eggs and bacon and a couple slices of fried tomato and home fries
  • Making a lunch casserole of rice and corn-and-cheese stuffed poblanos
  • Making a batch of peanut butter and chocolate chip scones for tea
  • Making some chocolate-candy things to keep as an around-the-house nibble

And at some point I need to get my bike out of the shop, and most likely will need to make an emergency butter run at some point.

….And yet I do still kinda wish I went camping.


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  1. We are so honored to be one of the recipes you chose to cook! And yes, I must agree that camping in the rain would’ve sucked quite a bit. 🙂


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