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Bored, SO Bored

I’m still showing the apartment to people.  This isn’t the first time I’ve been in this particular rodeo, so I’ve developed a good sense for when someone should be a finalist and also learned how to fake my way through a meeting when I already know it ain’t gonna work.

But this also means that I have spent the better part of the past 36 hours trapped in my apartment and unable to leave.  There is no air conditioning, I’ve run out of bread, and I am bored out of my bloody mind.  I’ve been logging on to my webmail account for work and responding to a couple emails; when people write back telling me “stop checking your work mail, you’re on vacation,” I have been answering “it is either this or cat videos.”

But the latest appointment is about 20 minutes late now, and the next appointment isn’t until 3.  I’m giving it 10 more minutes, and then I am running out for a whirlwind of errands, just for the sake of getting the hell out of the house, and the thought is making me positively giddy.  (I can bring those clothes to a tailor!  Awesome!)

I’m shooting to have a decision made tomorrow or Sunday – partly because I found a couple candidates already, but partly because I want to be done with this.


The noon meeting showed at 12:30; someone showed up unexpectedly at 1:30, and then my 3 pm cancelled and so I now have an unexpected four hours free – and I am going to go absolutely wild and take clothes to the tailor.  Whee!

(Although literally as I was typing this I got someone writing me and asking about a showing)


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