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The Ravelled Sleeve of Care

I had a rotten day at work yesterday; the kind of day that makes you question your life choices. Came home late, sulked, went to sleep early, and woke up in the middle of the night sheerly due to stress.

But then I went back to sleep…and before waking up again with the alarm, I had a whole series of vivid, spectacular dreams.

Of course, now that it’s morning I don’t remember the whole of the plot, but there are some definite details I remember:

  • Visiting the small church we went to when I was a girl and seeing all the furniture cleared out, leaving a big open space for me to explore. I wandered around a bit, and then started dancing, doing pirouettes faster and faster throughout the space before laughing in sheer joy and running out.
  • Making smoky pernil in the kitchen of a house where I was dogsitting for a dog I never saw.
  • Walking through a shantytown built just outside the ruins of an Adirondack Great Camp.
  • Drinking white wine in an elegant restaurant before going on a hunt for the friend I’d come with – a person I have never seen before in real life – and not looking too hard because I was too busy studying the pictures on the walls and listening to the happy buzz of people eating and talking around me.
  • Showing up early to a Chinese-language course at my local library, and feeling so comfortable that I changed into pajamas I’d brought and lay down on a couch, and none of the students coming in later finding that odd.

I don’t remember my dreams much; my years in theater and a couple years of bad stress seem to have done screwy things with my sleep cycle.  So I’m always glad if I remember a dream now, because it’s a sign I’ve gotten enough REM sleep.  But this many dreams, and all of them with such an overwhelming sense of wellness….it was the perfect remedy for the day yesterday.


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