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An Open Letter to Erick Erickson, of

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Mr Erickson:

By now, it is all over the news that you have disinvited Donald Trump from the RedState Gathering tonight, and that you have done so in response to Trump’s crass comments about Megyn Kelly of FOX News.  As a woman, I also feel that it is generally unfair to attribute a woman’s assertiveness, tone, or any other mannerism to any kind of physiological process which may be transpiring with her at that moment, and I appreciate you felt the need to step up and defend Ms. Kelly.

However, I became curious as to how your relations were to other women in particular, and to women overall.  And I’m afraid I’ve become confused at what seem to be some puzzling inconsistencies in your perspective.

  • Last April, when asked your opinion of the possibility of Hillary Clinton’s candidacy for President, you seemed doubtful she would be chosen because she was going to be “old”.  You further added, “I don’t know how far back they can pull her face!”  Can you clarify – what is it about menstruation that you feel is an inappropriate thing to pick on a woman about, but her age and appearance are?
  • In 2008, you said that then-candidate Obama was most likely “not shagging hookers” because “his marxist harpy wife would go Lorena Bobbit on him” if he were.  Can you explain why infidelity and domestic violence are fair game for discourse, but menstruation is not?
  • In 2012, you dismissively referred to a portion of the Democratic National Convention as “the vagina monologues” simply because it featured a number of women speakers.  If it is inappropriate to allude to one woman’s menstrual cycle in public, why is it appropriate to call a host of women “vaginas”?  (Follow-up question – is there another four-letter word you really wish you’d used instead?)
  • In 2010, you commented on objections to an anti-abortion ad during the Super Bowl not by responding to those objections, but by dismissing the commentators outright, saying “that’s what being too ugly to get a date does to your brain”.  Would you mind telling me, why is it inappropriate for Trump to make an ad hominem attack against Kelly, but it’s perfectly fine for you to make an ad hominem attack against other women?
  • In 2007, you seemed to have no problem when Mr. Trump spoke disparagingly against Rosie O’Donnell.  Why do you feel Megyn Kelly is more so deserving of protection from Donald Trump than Rosie O’Donnell is?
  • In 2013, you expressed the opinion that it was “anti-science” to say that there was no biological basis that men are supposed to be take the “dominant” role in a family.  If you feel it is uncouth to publicly imply a woman’s thinking is wholly governed by her biologic makeup, then can you clarify why you then use those very same claims to support the notion of male superiority?
  • More recently – in July, you attempted to equate support of Planned Parenthood with “the brutal killing of animals“.  Certainly if it is impolite to refer to a woman’s menstruation, then it must also be impolite to refer to women as “animals”, regardless of the analogy you wish to be making, is it not?
  • Finally – I note that in the wake of this incident with Mr. Trump, others have reminded you of several of these incidents.  You have responded that at least you apologized for your “vagina monologues” comment but Trump has not apologized for his.  Will I soon be seeing similar apologies from you to Ms. Clinton, Ms. Obama, Ms. O’Donnell, the women you smeared in 2010, and the women you referred to as “animals”?

I am curious as to your thoughts.




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