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Maintaining The Temple

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Man, I really need to start taking better care of myself.

When I went on that hourlong kayak trip the other week, and then immediately came home and went to sleep, I chalked that up to a longer-than-usual jaunt.  But yesterday I did a much shorter stint at Brooklyn Bridge Park, and rode my bike to and from the park – which was not a great distance, mind, only about 20 minutes each way.  And I that wiped me out too – I went to sleep at 7:30, then woke up at midnight because that’s when the muscle aches started.

Now, this morning I felt great.  Rested, refreshed, and ache-free.  Also a lot more mentally focused.  But that level of exhaustion from a comparatively small amount of exercise is not good.  It’s understandable, though – I’ve blown off a lot of self-care because it was taking all my energy to not completely flip out over a lot of other bullshit.  But that bullshit is gone, and I didn’t make any moves to start the self-care again.

But it’s ironic, isn’t it, that the times that we most need to pay attention to how we take care of ourselves, are the same times that we are least able to do so?


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