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Make My Menu Month Check-In

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I realize I haven’t said much about this.  But that’s largely because whatever I’d have to say about how I’ve been eating would be really, really boring.  I’ve been clobbered by a) the bad news from Charleston making me feel like talking about food is just so stupid; b) the heat making me just plain not want to cook; and c) the heat also giving me trouble sleeping so I wouldn’t be able to talk all that coherently about food even if I wanted to and actually did.

can say that I’ve been keeping up my end of the bargain.  Breakfasts have been either more of the rhubarb-oat bar things, or granola with a healthy topping of berries – I made another batch of the oat bars, this time adding some strawberry to the mix, after getting a half gallon of strawberries thrust upon me from the CSA – after getting a quart of strawberries just one week prior.  And I also got a quart of raspberries.  So they’ve both been making for lovely breakfasts, and I’ve been throwing them in my lunchbox for desserts.

And the lunches I’ve been keeping on top of by just stocking the fridge with various salads and stuffing them in the lunch box in the morning; this week I’m working through a couple of Italian-inspired salads, both of which were literally thrown together; one was just a can of canellini beans and tuna, and the other was cherry tomatoes and mozzarella balls.  Dump into a bowl, drizzle in some olive oil, maybe add some snipped oregano from the windowsill.  Done.  Stuff into lunchbox with the berries and some carrot sticks.

My dinners, though…okay, here’s the thing.  I live on the 4th floor of a Brooklyn brownstone, and there is only air conditioning in one room and it has been exceptionally muggy all week, so by the time I get home it feels like a Bikram yoga studio that hasn’t been cleaned in three weeks and the last thing I want to do is cook; on the way home I contemplate doing something like a cheese souffle, but then I walk in the door and all my cooking resolve sweats out of me and I end up eating a handful of raw snap peas and a piece of bread and calling it a day.  I did rally for a couple of simple pasta dishes involving Swiss chard, largely because they take only minutes to cook, but otherwise I’ve been grazing.

So this has been turning out to be a bit of a bust; sorry.  I’ll still keep going this month, but then maybe I’ll try again for content’s sake in some other more temperate month like October.


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