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Make My Menu Month – Whining

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You guys this is haaaaaaaaard.

Harder than I thought.  Not because I can’t cook – in fact, I can, and do, and love doing it – but because I didn’t count on the cravings for things.  I’m actually not all that in the habit of eating out all the time anyway, or even doing that much takeout.  But sometimes, you just really, really want something.  And for the past three days I have been getting cravings for burgers and Thai food and pizza and diner brunches out of nowhere, and I can’t have them.  And never mind that I’ve been substituting that with fantastic food anyway – today I got a beautiful batch of rainbow chard from the CSA and am going to have that with some equally beautiful tortellini, but the whole time I’m eating that tortellini and chard I’m going to be thinking about how much I want pizza.

I’m going to try to stubborn up, though.  I already had the idea to pick up some fancy organic milk from the farmer’s market today; I got overloaded with strawberries, and decided to turn one of the three pints I got into ice cream.  But due to some completely stupid miscommunication on my part, I ended up with twice as much as I planned to get.  I tried returning it first, but then had second thoughts – “I’ll just make more ice cream,” I joked to the farmer.

But.  I not only have the means to make ice cream, I have a simple DIY cheesemaking kit in the cupboard – that teaches you how to make mozzarella.  And I have a quart of tomato puree in the freezer that I was already planning on thawing out and making into a marinara sauce, and I have lots of flour and yeast in the fridge and I know how to make dough.

So screw the craving, I’mma make my own pizza, so there.



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  1. I want to see a picture of that pizza!


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