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Make My Menu Month Check-In

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So! Other than that last bobble, I’ve been sticking to the plan.  Breakfasts have all been iced coffee and the rhubarb-oatmeal bars, and lunches have been that same assortment of leftover-Sichuan-noodles-with-chicken-and-carrot-sticks or salade-nicoise-fixings.  Today I just threw a whole bunch of assorted nibbles into a bag (a hunk of cheese, a chunk torn off a baguette, baby carrots) and was done with it.

Dinners have been getting harder towards the end of this week, though not because of a lack of food or time to prepare it.  It’s because it has been getting bloody flippin’ hot.  I had the time and ingredients to make myself a cheese souffle for dinner last night, but then it went and got to be 90 degrees with something like 8023% humidity and no.  The night before last I didn’t even feel like reheating the leftover sopa de lima I had in the fridge.  So while this past week has seen homemade lo mein and a light pasta dinner, it’s also seen “ugh, lemme just make a sandwich” or “feh, lemme just do bread and hummus and cheese and a pound of raw sugar snap peas”.

The heat is supposed to break a little this weekend, though, and I need to spend a day sort of close to home waiting for the super to visit a leak under the sink.  Seems like a fine time to stockpile a couple of cool pasta salads and make a big pot of marinara sauce or something…..And ice cream.  I was already planning to toy around with some homemade ice cream this summer, I may as well start.

I’m even resisting the temptation to have a brunch at Putnam’s, even though that’s allowed in the plan – and they just released their updated brunch menu which now has a chicken biscuit with sausage gravy and this is hard you guys.  ….But I’ve decided that that’s how I’m going to pay back my slip up this week – I will attempt to make my own.


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