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Make My Menu Month Mishap

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Bless me everyone for I have sinned.

Yesterday at work, after lunch, I washed my bento box and put it on the windowsill near my desk to dry.   And then…I forgot it there.

Which meant I could not take the salade nicoise to work I’d been planning to.  And that meant….I had to buy a sandwich from the shop in the lobby at work.

(hangs head)

I’m giving myself a pass, though, and getting back on the horse and going forward.  It’s only one fault thus far (and the past two nights for dinner I’ve been cooking at home and doing things like homemade lo mein and a linguine-and-arugula pasta dish, and I’m making this recipe soon that is a couscous salad with snap peas and pickled radishes and so I’m still hanging on to the momentum people this should count dammit)


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