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Why My Pantry Is Like That

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Okay. So.

Nearly a year ago, I had a post about all the weird random things cluttering up my cupboards, and I keep telling myself that I need to actually eat through it.  I’ve made a bit of a dent in the past year, though (I used one box of the unflavored gelatin, so now I have only half a box left).

Bearing that in mind: yesterday I was browsing at a housewares store, and on my second or third pass through I saw they had something called “black cocoa” – a cocoa powder so rich that they actually recommend cutting it with regular cocoa powder.  “No,” I scolded myself, “you have cocoa powder already.  Put that back.”

…And during the 18 hours between that moment and this one I’ve been catching myself daydreaming about that damn package of black cocoa.  It’s just so…rich.  And dark.  And think of the cakes I could make with it, or the ice cream, y’all, especially the cioccolato fondente gelato, and it is getting to be gelato weather and I swear I’ll be making room for it soon, and…

…and this is exactly how I end up with 17 half-empty packages of exotic schmutz in my cupboards.


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