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Make My Menu Month – The First Week

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So this is why making all my own meals for this month is going to be kind of easy.

This was the first haul from the CSA this year – it’s been a little cool the last few weeks, so there are a lot of green-and-leafy things in there; two kinds of lettuce, arugula, bok choy and tatsoi.   But you’re also seeing that rhubarb, those peas and those strawberries, right?

And the radishes, over there on the right. I’m gonna be using those for sure, in another salade nicoise bag lunch.  That also couldn’t have been easier to put together – I have a sort of cheat’s bento box set, where they have little containers for everything that you just fill up.  I packed a lot of different things in each well – a hardboiled egg, some fancy canned tuna, a couple cooked potatoes and green beans, a couple cherry tomatoes, some radishes, a few olives, some torn-up lettuce – and then laid it all out on a paper plate I nicked from the company kitchen.  It was surprisingly filling, and the tuna and olives made it surprisingly flavorful.

Most of my other lunches this week ended up being a little repetitive – I’d roasted up a bunch of chicken wings and made some Sichuan noodles last weekend, and brought a few wings and some noodles for lunch, along with some baby carrots and a sliced Persian cucumber.  And I was out on an adventure for a couple nights, and dinner on those nights was just some reheated Spanish rice with some black bean salad alongside.  And breakfast was always cold cereal.

But with one exception (which I’m totally saying is okay), I’ve been making all the meals:

MONDAY: Cold cereal; Sichuan noodles and chicken wings lunch; Quesadilla, salad, and Spanish rice dinner.

TUESDAY: Cold cereal; catered lunch at my job (I’m counting this as a social function so it’s okay); leftover rice and black bean salad dinner.

WEDNESDAY:  Cereal; Sichuan noodles and chicken wings lunch; leftover rice and black bean salad dinner.

THURSDAY: cereal; salade nicoise lunch; pasta carbonara dinner.

FRIDAY: cereal; Sichuan noodles and chicken wings lunch; a big sandwich for dinner, with Italian cold cuts, tapenade, and leftover tomato.

SATURDAY: a big bacon-egg-and-cheese sandwich with salad greens and a couple strawberries for brunch; a Quesadilla with more greens and a leftover garbanzo bean salad for dinner.


….And then yesterday I made up a bunch of rhubarb bars, adapted from The Smitten Kitchen’s recipe here.  I actually made them all-rhubarb, as I never seem to know what to do with rhubarb before it all goes bad and because I actually didn’t have as many strawberries as I’d like.  I ended up with a big tray of some pleasantly chewy and oaty chewy things, not too sweet, and…totally something you can eat for breakfast.  So this morning I’ve started the day with a couple of those, and I’m getting ready for a day trip upstate and will be taking a picnic along.  And there’s also a pasta recipe I know that involves nothing more than a little wilted arugula and cheese, and….basically, yeah, I got this.


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