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I’ve been laying low in here due to some day job issues – nothing bad, just something I need to focus on.

However, something else happened at work today – an unrelated thing – that let me draw on a very unique skillset.  Without getting into the particulars, I got into work this morning and found an email asking me to start work on a specific set of tasks – and that I would need to have them complete by Monday.

This was the first I’d heard of the need to do these tasks.

And these tasks usually take a week.

But I have a secret weapon: I was a stage manager for ten years.  And solving problems on the fly and on short notice is precisely what stage managers are for – I have diagnosed an injury and prescribed first aid with a single glance from across a theater, I have created an all-new sound effect with only two minutes’ warning, I have re-designed the lights for a show while the show was still going on when some fuses blew.  I even once joined a dance routine in process on a stage because that was the best way for me to unobtrusively make my way over to an injured performer and carry her back off to the wings.

And when I saw that email, after the two minutes’ panic, I felt that familiar “click” in my brain and I slipped into Stage Manager Mode – and the series of tasks I had to have complete by Monday and which usually take a week were done within only four hours.

….I still got it.


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