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For The Record: My Roommate Is Indulgent

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So the onset of this year’s Allergen Storm, combined with the fact that it’s gonna rain all Saturday, made me resolve to give a few spots in the apartment a really good clean.  I mean, I doubt that’s the cause – the very nature of the dust has most likely not changed in the past 36 hours – but it can’t hurt, right?

But then I also thought that “while I’m at it, lemme finally get those corkboard tiles so I can unfold that New York map and use it as a ‘places I want to visit’ thing”.  And then “Ooh, I should also get a map of the world and do the same thing with that.” And then “hey, while I’m vacuuming behind furniture, lemme switch around those weird short bookshelves and see if I can use them better.”  And then “hey, I bet I can come up with a better way to organize my travel souvenirs and even display them in some way.”  And then “You know, I should take down that weird wall-shelf thing that’s right by the front door that we keep bumping into.” And then “oh, hey, I bet I could put a letter and key rack there.”  And then –

And what I’m trying to say is that “I think I need to vacuum the living room more thoroughly” has turned into “I am redecorating the entire house.”


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