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I’d Like to Thank the Academy…

…for a moment inspired by the Oscars last night.

My roommate is a singer and voice teacher working towards his Ph.D. in vocal performance. He came back from a rehearsal midway through the Oscar broadcast last night, and hurriedly shed his coat and settled in to watch.

And then at about 11 pm, this conversation happened:

SCARLETT JOHANSSON: And now, to remind us of a few of “our Favorite Things” from The Sound Of Music, here is – Lady Gaga.

MY ROOMMATE:  (eyes boggling) WHAT???

I really wish I’d had a camera on hand to catch some of the looks that were crossing his face as he watched.  Although he did say midway that “…she is good, though….” But then when she stumbled on the very last note of “Edelweiss”, he did wince.  At some point he noticed I was live-blogging his reaction to some friends and he grumbled, “hey, don’t tease me, I teach this shit, remember?”


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