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Baby Got Brain

So, fair warning: we’re about to talk about my butt.

On the whole, I’ve actually never cared too much about my appearance.  I was pretty nerdy and brainy as a girl – much more interested in books and thinking than fussing with makeup or fashion.  And even less inclined to fuss when I grew up; I was never going to win a beauty pageant, but also I never felt like there was a need to try to.  I was more interested in people liking me for what I had to say and think and what I felt – just like I’m way more interested in other people’s personalities than I am their looks.  I make myself presentable, but after that, it’s your problem if you don’t like what I look like, not mine.

However, there is one body part of which I’ve grown secretly proud, after having heard most of my boyfriends praise it – apparently, I’ve got me a great butt.

It’s happened almost entirely by accident.  I always only the most half-assed (sic) of exercise habits – maybe I’ll go to a gym once a week, and I only started doing that in my late 30’s.  Maybe I kayak once a week, or hike.  That’s about it.  But I do have the New Yorker’s habit of walking nearly everywhere – even on a lazy weekday, I usually walk about five blocks to and from the subway and then another block or so to the bus, bookended by walking down four flights of stairs in the morning and then back up four flights of stairs at night.  And it’s always been that way.  On the weekends, I’ve always been more likely to walk to do all my errands if the weather is nice.

And that’s all added up to a lot of work on the legs, which no doubt has included some work on the glutes.  And that adds up to a very toned butt, apparently.

This isn’t something I necessarily advertise, still.  I mean, if I have a date I’ll dress in tighter pants than usual, in an, er, cheeky attempt to show off a bit.  But I’m far prouder of my brain anyway – and if whatever swain I’m attempting to impress doesn’t show any interest in that as well, then…too bad for him, he can have one last look at that butt while I’m walking away.  My butt’s great, yeah, but that’s just one part of me – my brain is even better.  I’ve always thought that.

However – apparently some researchers at the University of Oxford have just learned something quite interesting about women who have big butts.  Not only does the extra fat seem to protect women from some kinds of chronic diseases, it also is a sign that you have a good supply of Omega 3 fatty acids – which are good for brain activity, which therefore means that people with big butts are actually smarter.

So my two favorite body parts have been cooperating with each other all my life.


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