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Wow, I’m all serious sometimes, huh?

That’s something I’ve noticed in here – my writing has gotten very serious and somber, much more so than it used to be.  That could simply be a function of having let things slip for a while – I may just be getting used to you all looking in, and feel like I have to Be Impressive.  It’s kind of like – years ago, on a trip to Chicago, I wandered around Oak Park, a neighborhood which is filled with houses designed by Frank Lloyd Wright.  And most of them were lovely – simple houses with a bit of distinctive shaping here, or a leaded window design there.  But one house stuck out for its excess – patterned stone, carved scrollwork, ornamental stained glass over every window, an ornately-carved door.  According to the map I’d picked up, that particular house was the first one Wright designed by himself, and suddenly the overkill made total sense – Wright was all on his own for the first time, and got panicky and totally shot his wad.

Yeah, people do that.  I feel like people are now looking, and I have to give them something to look at.  I’ll get over it.

And maybe movies will help!  (Yep, that’s a segue.)  On and off, over the years, I’ve tried to see all of the Oscar-nominated movies before the Oscar ceremonies each year.  Some years I do better than others – especially when there were only five of them each year – and some years I just plain can’t, especially now that there can be as many as ten.

This year the list is a somewhat more manageable eight, and I’ve already seen two: Birdman and The Grand Budapest Hotel.  So that just leaves:

American Sniper
The Imitation Game
The Theory of Everything

Selma and Imitation Game I was already planning on – I actually once worked with the actor who plays Ralph Abernathy in Selma, and his Facebook feed has been blowing up with mentions of the film (plus it looks great).  Everyone has been raving about Boyhood and Theory of Everything as well.

I have to be honest, though, I’m not too thrilled about American Sniper or Whiplash, although Whiplash was a bit of a surprise – didn’t that just come out and only last five minutes?  It looks good, mind you, but the whole thing of a teacher mercilessly riding an student artist may give me a couple flashbacks to some moments in the conservatory where I studied acting.  Welp, I have a month to have my mind changed about the both of those, though.


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