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Conversation Between Kim and a Cab Driver, November 3, about 6:45 pm

(On an earlier blog, I would sometimes re-print amusing conversations I’d had.  Just had one today which seems a good way to inaugurate the habit here.

(Tonight, as I was getting into a cab to take me one of my legs home, I gave my head a nasty bump on the inner frame of the door.  The driver didn’t notice however, and has already begun taking me on my way.)

Kim: Do you have any ice in a drink at all?…

Cabbie:  ….No, why?

Kim: I bumped my head pretty bad.

Cabbie:  Oooh, sorry about that.

Kim: Eh, I’ll be okay…actually, could you do something for me?

Cabbie:  Okay?

Kim: Could you ask me questions about, like, who the president is and stuff to make sure?

Cabbie:  (gives me a look in the mirror) Really?  I’m sure you’re okay.

Kim: Probably, but just in case.

Cabbie:  (starting to grin)…Okay….okay, um, who’s the Vice President?

Kim: Joe Biden.

Cabbie:  Very good.  What’s the date?

Kim: November 3rd.

Cabbie:  Good.  ….Okay, who’s the Secretary of Health and Human Services?

Kim: (laughing) Okay, that’s just not fair.


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