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Learning Moments

Life is a wondrous and varied thing, and the Earth and all it holds can provide a rich and varied range of experiences. Everything around you is going about its existence in its own way, living out the course of its destiny and fate, and the most staggeringly fantastical things could be happening all around you, and make up part of someone or something else’s perfectly ordinary existence.

The benefit to us all in this, then, is that it is possible to learn something wholly new about The Way The World Works every day of one’s life, if one is paying attention. Simply by keeping in a state of awareness to what you do in your day you could end up learning a stunning new Fact about the world and its workings, one which shakes you out of your routine for a moment.

For example: today I learned that a cantaloupe, if left on a kitchen table for four days in 90-degree weather, will revert to an almost wholly liquid state.

If it’s all the same, I’d rather not divulge the details about how I came by this knowledge.



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