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Fleeing For The Hills

So I have honestly been trying to do one post a week in here.  However, between the nation, my job, and my friends’ lives going nuts (let’s just put it this way – at one point I was doing Googling for emergency medical services located in a completely different continent), I need to shut up and run away and hide.

Cue more Googling trying to find some kind of hotel somewhere decent only two days before Labor Day weekend that won’t cost me a year’s pay per night and actually have available rooms.

Fortunately I found a place that’s in the middle of nowhere in the Catskills, which is quickly becoming my go-to for “I need to get out of town” escapes – it’s relatively accessible even for someone without a car, there’s a decent amount of things to do, and even if all I want to do is stare into the distance whimpering slightly – which is probably what I’m going to be doing here – at least the view is pretty.

Plus the hotel I found has free wi-fi and a pool.



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