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The Weirdest Bucket List Ever

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So in the interest of having a bit of a sideline pet project (read: getting myself out of the damn house) I hit upon an idea.

New York is big, y’all.  I am reminded of that every time I venture to some corner I haven’t seen before, and pass through these other parts I haven’t seen before and it’s over an hour away and things look completely different and wait, is that a yard, why didn’t I know that there were people with yards in New York…?  I’ve lived here over twenty years, and still feel like I’ve barely scratched the surface.


I hereby declare that I will now attempt to visit – however briefly – each and every neighborhood in New York City.

For the purposes of record-keeping, I will use Wikipedia’s list as my own; I’ll report back here each time I venture somewhere new.  Sometimes I’ll have a lot to say, sometimes I’m probably gonna take one look and think “nah, not a good idea to venture in further” (or, more likely, “nah, this looks like it’d be boring”).

Let me set up a page and get a checkbox thing going….



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