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We All Have Our Limits

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So today I decided to take the plunge and try making fish and chips from scratch for lunch today.  I had the cod, I had some leftover frozen french fries, I had the means to fry things.  I even had malt vinegar.  I picked up a bottle of beer on my rounds yesterday to round things out.

However, cooking for one means that you don’t use a whole hell of a lot of ingredients.  So I only ended up using two ounces of the beer for the batter.  “No worries,” I thought, “I’ll drink the extra.  Hey, warm beer is okay, yeah?”

And thus I sat down at the table just now with a big plate with my fried fish in beer batter, the fries, the bottle of malt vinegar, and the remains of the bottle of beer poured into a glass.  Ate my way through the fish (a little soggy, but I don’t fry things often so I chalked it up to a learning curve), ate the fries (also a little moist, but they were baked instead of fried; stlll good).  I turned to the beer.  And…

….I can’t. It’s still sitting there about 20 minutes later.


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