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The Week Of Finishing

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I’ve been feeling a bit unmoored recently; mainly because I’m er, “between day jobs”, so to speak, but I suspect there’s more to it than that.  So this morning I came up with an idea which I’m trying to convince myself will help.

I am going to Finish Things.

I have a backlog of projects I’m in a half-finished state with – craft projects, house projects, a couple writing projects. And since I’ve got more free time than usual these days, I’ve decided that I need to buckle down and finish as  many of them as possible during this week, or make as much great strides as possible to finishing them.  What I need is accomplishment and completion.

And thus I have declared this The Week Of Finishing Things.  I will knit that one last sleeve on that sweater.  I will finally install the shelf I got for that cupboard.  I will finally clean out the entire hall closet rather than just taking out a few things, looking at the rest of it and saying “ugh” and shutting the door again.

All this week!  Cheer me on!  There will even be pictures!


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